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Pioneering strategy for marketing and sales of our state-of-the-art medical devices portfolio into the Chinese market.

As a distributor, our approach encompasses direct procurement, expeditious NMPA registration, and vast distribution.

One Step Ahead

Who Are We?

Sinosciences is at the forefront of marketing and distributing medical devices to Hainan’s hospitals, with a special focus on medical tourism. This strategic advantage is derived from a national policy allowing the sale of Western-approved devices without the need for an NMPA certificate and based on western approvals only (FDA, CE, AMAR…) 

Situated within Hainan province, the pilot zone boasts 38 leading hospitals drawn from various regions across China, with a bold vision of expanding to encompass 100 hospitals by 2025. 

Over 200 devices, including innovative products from industry leaders like GE, J&J, Abbott, and others, have been successfully launched and massively sold in the market. 

Sinosciences maintains direct partnerships with the all of these esteemed hospital which led to remarkable success over the past few years.

Sinosciences actively facilitating patient referrals for specialized treatment—an essential facet of the pilot area’s initiatives.Simultaneously, in alignment with sustained sales operations in Hainan’s medical tourism sector, Sinosciences is meticulously building channels to expedite NMPA registration, setting the stage for strategic entry into the mainland China market through key collaborations.

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Even your local partner needs some of his own.
We have established a professional strategic partnership and long-term relationships with the most effective entities that will help you in your quest to become a best-seller – Here are just a few of them.

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