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The potential of reaching the medical industry in China in general and the Chinese audience, in particular, is incomparable to anything else: The quality and quantity can boost your organization’s performance and profits by a considerable margin, and there’s a specific challenge before you can do so.

Well, there was one.

We’re SinoScienceS Ltd, our focus on the medical industry and we’re here to make your transition as smooth as possible.

By saving you the bureaucracy, regulation, time, and efforts and showing you the most efficient way to lead your path to the top and start your operations in record time, you’ll be soon followed by strong and reliable connections that’ll accompany you for years to come.

We have vast experience knowledge and successful projects with worldwide companies and organizations, especially in the medical industries – And now’s your chance to join as a success story.

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Guy Tal

Business in China – Corona time

How to succeed in business with China during the The era of COVID-19, such an unknown situation until now, does not seem to disappear soon.

It’s no secret that the higher the risk – So is the reward.

Over the years, the Chinese medical market was described as one that holds great potential, that only a few selected western companies could tap. The business history books are filled with stories about major companies that were sure that this movement is just as easy as any other transition.

After a few tries, lost years and vast sums of money and resources were being wasted. They have understood in a hard way that if you want to succeed, you must have a local partner by your side.