Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Why Sino Sciences?

the higher the risk – So is the reward.

It’s no secret that the higher the risk – So is the reward.

Over the years, the Chinese medical market was described as one that holds great potential, that only a few selected western companies could tap. The business history books are filled with stories about major companies that were sure that this movement is just as easy as any other transition.

After a few tries, lost years and vast sums of money and resources were being wasted. They have understood in a hard way that if you want to succeed, you must have a local partner by your side.


The missing piece of the puzzle

Our company specializes in granting you that missing piece of the puzzle, and with us, you can be rest assured that’ll do whatever we can to make it happen and transform you into one of the most leading players in the great medical Chinese market.


Government Support

One of our most unique features is our strong relationship and deep understanding with the Chinese authorities, followed by extensive cooperation agreements that significantly decrease bureaucracy, barriers, and other issues that other companies will have to face sooner or later.


Our Team

Each of our members is an expert deeply involved in the complexity of the Chinese market and medical professional issues, which together we will build the most appropriate plan regarding regulations, professional knowledge,  massive distribution, and the establishment of appropriate manufacturing plants, between missions and other critical issues.


Strategic Connections

Our list of strategic partners includes local and province authorities, investment funds, leading distribution companies, local pharmaceutical manufacturers,  and more. Combined with our involvement with both the Chinese and Western worlds, we can fully understand each side’s needs and create strong cooperation that’s built on bridging the cultural gaps.


Strategic Points

Our work method starts with close work and consultation with the top decision-makers in major corporations to understand their vital technological troubles, problems, and weak points. That way, we know which companies, businesses, and startups fit those needs and can match them with relevant players that offer fitting solutions.


Strategic Locations

We are in the most strategic areas over China for companies in the medical industry. Therefore, we will be able to use regional capabilities, regional partners, supportive reforms, and groundbreaking pipelines to the most strategic sources in the medical market to reach our premeditated goals.

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