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CEC Capital meeting


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  1. CEC Capital Group LLC – Partner CEC Capital group, senior position in CEC Capital group.

  2. SinoScienses CO., LTD – CEO Segev Halfon, Chairmen Chen and management team.

  3. Qidong Government – Head of a medical department in the Qidong government.


After a very fruitful and successful meeting and the deepening of business ties between the parties, we reached agreements between the parties to establish an investment fund that will operate in the area designated for medical products in the city including, among other things, the construction of hospitals, medical products manufacturing plants and special medical companies.


Founded in 2000, CEC Capital Group (formerly known as China eCapital Corporation) is a leading investment bank in China with a core focus on the TMT, consumer and healthcare sectors. Launched 400 Deals wroth 40B$.


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There is now an in-depth and expanded capacity for investment, land, government support and a significant increase in performance and capabilities in China.



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