Product Fitting

The Route to Broad Distribution Agreement

Our Fingerprint

Due Diligence Milestones

Scientific Analysis
Only marketable products (or closed to be) are selected.
Non Exhaustive Chinese Market Analysis
Business Affairs
Demo Day and Samples Testing
Foreign Companies are invited to present their product in a forum of experts in the field.
Additional data is collected.
NMPA Pre-classification
The best way to prevent unwanted surprises.
Import Certificate - Hainan
NMPA application for pre-market launch.
Education & Training
For Proper Product Evaluation.
Market Launch in Hainan (China)
The 10 million population is an ideal starting point to concretely evaluate product and generate early revenues.
Broad NMPA registration
After positive testing we are moving on NMPA full registration to cover the rest of China's province.
Global Chinese Market Distribution
After a maximal time of 2 years for Class 2 and higher, the doors of the Great Chinese Market are Opened!

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