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manufacturing products in China

“The production and sales situation has improved in China” – Xin Guobin, the Chinese vice-minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

SinoScienceS will take care for the investment, and you will take care for the product and its progress.

One of our most vital points that involve all matters related to manufacturing products in China is subcontracting and copying factories to China.

SinoScienceS will find the best strategic location with local government support and in line with the city’s industry’s development direction, thus assuring that the projects will match national industrial policies, which are encouraged and permitted projects.

We will manage the opening and operation of your local factory for sale to the domestic market or/and for sale overseas. That way, we can reduce production costs, get increased government support for the product, and enjoy a variety of advantages in local production.

Government subsidies and support conform to the high-tech industry’s catalog and are at the top level of similar technologies that feature strong technological innovation.

With us, your project will comply with the environmental protection plan, the preliminary environmental impact analysis conclusion is feasible, and the total allocation is guaranteed.

The project’s advanced and mature production technology meets the strictness safety conditions demonstrated while meeting the requirements’ safety production regulations.

Our Fingerprint

Our flexibility allows

Strategic location
Locating strategic areas that are suitable for the required activity and there is government support for the project.
To use existing high standard factories or revitalize high-efficiency enterprise projects for your needs and adjust the GMP / ISO to your relevant requirements.
Strategic investment
Locating and implementing strategic investments from us and from private, public and stated owned companies for massive project support.
Obtaining all relevant approvals from the authorities to go through the regulatory process as quickly as possible ( Including production with chemical process ).
Improving the production process and using local resources to reduce costs.
Due to strategic and efficient planning, the cost of the products will be significantly lower and thus we will increase the common profit margin.

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