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chinese biomedical industry

Over the past decades, the Chinese Medical industry kept proliferating, getting the attention of various players worldwide. With an annual growth rate of around 20% since 2015, the industry has consistently outpaced worldwide growth.  

When manufacturer decided to enter the Chinese market three broad ways exist: set up a local team, transfer the production by using a local OEM or purely imports. 

Because each of these solutions presents pros & cons, our pipeline was built to best fit with the largest company’s profiles. 

Our solution is the fruit of numerous business conversations with western companies that share their apprehensions, interrogations and more generally their experiences related to Chinese market entrance.  

Hence, we propose a tailored-made solution that ultimately combines the overmentioned three major routes – importation, local team and OEM partnership.   

power of combination

bridging businesses together

As we believe that it’s time to close the gaps between cultures which were once almost separated and understand the power of bridging businesses together, we have combined our knowledge, experience, and professionalism to create a company that’ll do everything possible to help you EXPAND and complete YOUR Vision in the biggest market in the world.

With your ambitions and our dedicated solutions, your plan to expand will reach new heights, allowing you to save the hassle regarding many challenges, issues, and problems your competitors will have to face, giving you a competitive edge.

Functional Structuration

Tel Aviv
  • Due Diligence
  • Customers Relationship
  • Contracts
  • 5 languages
  • NMPA 
  • Promotion
  • Pre-Sales
  • Medical Tourism
  • Mini Market Testing
  • KOL’s, CRO’s
  • Capitals
  • Partnerships
  • Market Analysis
  • HQ
  • South-East Asian Pivot
  • Due Diligence 
  • Partnerships

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By Guy Tal

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