Well done is better than well said!

Well done is better than well said!

Reported by Sinosciences Group

SinoSciences Co., LtD makes history!

On the sole basis of an Israeli authorization SinoSciences Co., LtD was able to obtain an import permit for a new medical device to China- Through the fast pass in Hainan Province.

The world’s develop device of its kind produced by the Israeli company ProCore is intended for the treatment of joint pain and damaged cartilage. It brings an exceptional solution as much by its quality as by the duration of its effects in the human body. Its permit to import into China was issued this week after meeting CFDA requirements.

Within this framework, other conferences on marketing and product promotion were organized during the week. Thousands of experts, vendors and executives from various ministries of health attended, including the annual conference of the prestigious Yiling Hospital, which was attended by the President of SinoSciences and hundreds of guests and renowned experts from all over China. In addition, an expanded explanatory conference was organized by Diana Gu, Vice President of SinoSciences, ProCore executives, orthopedic surgeons, marketing managers and other experts.

Tremendous importance 

This certificate means that the medical device is expected to receive final approval from the CFDA in just a few months and begin large-scale sales throughout great China.

Segev Halfon, CEO of SinoSciences, refers to the event: “This is an important achievement for business and a precedent for Israeli medical companies. Now, innovative companies in Israel have the opportunity to rapidly penetrate the world’s largest market. Of course, the requirements must be met and the process must be carried out precisely, but the dramatic reduction over time compared to the normal CFDA route is enormous – and it is worth a lot of money, time and sometimes even commercial feasibility.

“Sometimes, until a product completes its registration, which can take up to 5 years, a lot happens in the market and in some cases the product becomes irrelevant even on the way to obtaining the desired approval”.

Good luck and a big thanks to all the entities that took part in the process!


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Well done is better than well said!

By Guy Tal

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