Market research: everything you need to know about joint problems in China

Market research: everything you need to know about joint problems in China

Reported by Sinosciences Group


Information from contemporary research in China show that the rate of double knee joints and feet in China is​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Over 70 million. “People are old and old”, joint pain, soreness, stiffness, and pain will reduce the quality of life, and joint health problems have restored the important meaning of national health.

There is gold under the knee: “The elbow prevention and treatment market is full of gold”

The problem
  • Joints are the most common arthropathy. There are more than 100 types. The most common are bone joints and rheumatoid joints. Joints are the most common joint problems over 60 years old.
  • In addition to varying degrees of pain and morning stiffness, the elderly are also severely restricted in their basic activities during rehabilitation, such as climbing stairs and climbing mountains.
  • The survey data of the “Thombic Health Report 2017” shows that with the increase of age, the knee health index of residents has decreased, the rehabilitation rate of both knee joints has decreased by 15.6%, and the rehabilitation rate of bone pain over the age of 60 has reached 15. The 6% rate exceeds 25%.
  • Based on the latest population data in 2019, the number of knee joint patients in China exceeds 100 million, of which 70 million are elderly patients over 60 years old.
  • In 2016, the cost of medical care in American dentistry was as high as US$12.8 billion, while the number of American tourists was about 5 million. In China, where knee joint activities are farther, the prevention and early market panorama of American dentistry.


The main players

  • AgeClub has conducted understanding and research on the hobbies of joint patients in China. There are a wide range of products, focusing on health care products and massage.
  • Tang Beijian’s joint care for intellectual health has achieved operating income in 5, with a breakthrough of 1.1 to 1 billion, and cooperates with Tang Dou to carry out middle-aged and elderly target interactive marketing and participate in marketing focus;
  • The joint massager Baoyue reached 2.18 million. The product can capture the whole body joints such as the ankle, ankle, and ankle joints, which is the absolute advantage of knee massage;
  • Nestlé’s middle-aged and elderly brand Yiyang has registered fashionable joint cannabis candy packaging in 2019. After the packaging is officially launched in the future, it is believed that domestic manufacturers such as Yili and Mengniu will also follow up the large-scale import market.
  • Auxiliary assistance: Jianli Polysaccharide Calcium Tablets have grown 10 times in 3 years of teaching, and assisted the production of jelly beans. The prevention of bony joints, as well as in the early and mild to moderate stages of the disease, through receiving treatment-supplements that must have no end, combined with rehabilitation training, can effectively improve the symptoms of bony joints. The pain of painful patients begins to gradually Happened, which is now the tendency to treat bony.

Treatment and prevention solutions

Early brain health products were basically easy calcium supplements, Zeng Zhoutou’s Xingaizhonggai high calcium tablets. Is one of the representatives.


Research on teeth proves that it is difficult to supplement calcium to solve the symptoms of osteoporosis, especially when the bones and joints suffer from joint pain.


In this context, the children materialized the big stage of calcium supplementation. As a raw material, it is widely present in the outside, muscle strength and ligaments. The response is enhanced, the consistency of synovial fluid and some special phenomena are enhanced.


Around 2010, such manufacturers have successively launched compound calcium supplement products of hemp sugar calcium tablets, which can enhance bone density while taking into account joint activities.


Since then, China’s population production has accelerated the emergence of fashion and individualization, and at the same time the consumption capacity of “new products” has increased. These factors have caused large-scale pharmaceutical factories and health care product manufacturers to upgrade calcium tablets. Sugar calcium tablets are in the elderly calcium supplement market. Intensive promotion.


  • The Taobao collected by AgeClub shows the sugar data in October. The calcium tablets reached 39.22 million in Taobao month, and the average transaction price was 208.7 yuan;
  • Tomson Beijianji Jianliduo has the ownership of the market assets of the company, and the brand online has up to 26%, which is basically equivalent to the sum of other brands in the top ten;
  • At the same time, the top ten domestic and foreign brands each have 5 equal shares. The cannabis chocolate chip manufacturers of well-known foreign health product brands such as Blackmores, Swisse, etc. have entered the domestic market through cross-border e-commerce platforms.
  • AgeClub focused on researching the team champion Jianlidu on Taobao sugar candy and mobile phone calcium tablets. In 2017, Tomsonson will operate Jianlidu’s new main brand. The strategic position of Baijianli’s huge single product has increased by nearly 10 times in 3 years.

Marketing and penetration

The reasons for Jianliduo’s success can be summarized as follows:


(1) Concentrating resources on market education, preemptively occupying the minds of consumers


In 2017, in order to add a new and complete starting point in addition to the main brand Tomson protein powder, Tomson has implemented a “big single product” market strategy, hoping to double up new star products to bring added value to open new ones. The life cycle.


Although it has been reconsidered, Jianli Polysaccharide has become a single product of By-Health. Hot spot in the health care product market.


According to a 2017 questionnaire survey conducted by By-Health on nearly 5,000 middle-aged 59.6-year-old residents, most residents have sufficient knowledge of calcium, but the proportion of other supplements such as cannabinoids and yellow pigments is relatively low.


Let consumers understand the formation of joint movement, so as to further choose such calcium supplements with rising prices of drug calcium tablets to become the biggest by-health.


Tomson Multiplier is also the most effective way that Jian’s early chooses. High-frequency, high-density, and wide-range advertising bombing is a TV advertisement with a particularly good coverage of moderate groups.


The most important characters, public power, and CCTV advertising with enhanced charm, BY-HEALTH selected CCTV3 (variety channel), CCTV8 (film and television channel) and other audiences’ focus of attention in batches.


In the advertisement, Chenchenjian focused on the super pain points of “there are problems with joints, and there are problems everywhere in life”, created a memory “record” of the attributes of the pain points, and created a brand imprint of “make up friends, double care, and quickly choose health”.


Coupled with the use of Zhejiang CCTV viewership as a benchmark image, Jianliduo has joined forces with golden satellite TVs such as Hunan, Dongfang, and Jiangsu to closely follow the hot dramas for patch displays, and use the hot dramas to continue to generate exposure.


Through the advertising of the central government and satellite TV, Jianliduo’s brand image of “replenishing and protecting joints” can be tapped. This rich detail can be played well to the old, and it can supplement calcium to solve joint problems. It needs supplements with sugar to help. Used in combination.


(2) Online and offline linkage joint square dance APP jelly bean middle-aged adult marketing


In addition to traditional TV advertisements, BY-HEALTH also keenly grasped the popular trends in the middle-aged and elderly entertainment communities, and combined with the country’s largest square dance APP candy for graphic marketing.


On the one hand, the square dance is very much in line with Jianliduo’s brand concept of “good joints and fun”, which cleverly demonstrates the connection between the scene and the scene. The old and middle-aged friends who love square dance are the target customers of Jianliduo’s wedding.


The cooperative learning between Jianliduo and Tangdou is represented as a walking dance challenge. The official dance team of Jianliduo and Tangdou launched Jianliduo and uploading teaching videos to the community for teachers of each team.


In these videos, the advertising dance teacher has a similar oral broadcast, to the effect that “the bone and joint health expert near you, Jian Li Duo reminds you to warm up online and protect your joints”, and at the same time Jian Li Duo “good joints, play until old”. “” will be shown in the instructional video.


It can be seen from the official jangdou survey that “more than 90% of the famous square dancers and dance works in the country are from jangdou square dance”. Middle-aged users of Jellybeans.


According to the data, the video views of Jianliduo Walker have exceeded 100 million, and more than 3,800 teams have participated in the interactive online Walker competition.


Coupled with online video interaction, Jianliduo also held the “Jianliduo” walking dance competition in several counties and cities offline. The scale of these competitions is not large. Generally there are about 10 contestants. They often enter the market in third- and fourth-tier cities, but the characteristic is that they will choose to be near residential areas and cover the promotion through the competition to those that are not covered by online videos. Shen Chaiqun.


(3) The dealer seat is converted from the above-ground level to the municipal level


In the process of promoting Jianli, Tomson Kin’s fermentation is not bad for good marketing effects. How to make the product multiple times after the consumer’s IQ is also important to shape the marketing effect.


Starting in 2019, Tomson began to push the Thousand-Family Fission Plan. It is to break up and reduce the original dealers at the provincial level, and finally build a dealer system at the prefecture-level.


The destruction of BY-Health’s management capabilities puts forward higher requirements, but at the same time it has also gained expanded influence. Time can seize the sinking market in time.

The direct Pain solution – Joint massage

In this part we will review the low, medium and high-end product market, special consumption dialogue


If glycosugar calcium tablets are used for joint pain relief and early treatment, then various joint massage devices are “pain medicines” to relieve joint pain, and pain and pain can be relieved by hot compress and massage.


Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the appearance of joints is firstly due to chronic strain, cold or trauma, and the second tendons are degeneration due to old age and weak bones. It loosens adhesions, promotes Qi and relieves pain, thereby effectively promoting blood circulation and alleviating joint pain.


Sales data of Taobao joint massage instrument collected by AgeClub in October


The joint massager reached 23.18 million on Taobao monthly, with an average price of 182.7 yuan;


The three corresponding price ranges are below 100 yuan, 400-500 yuan and 900-1000 yuan respectively, which are low, medium and high-end products;


There is fierce competition in the online market of arthrodesis, and there is no obvious hidden brand. The market contact of the top ten brands is 30%, and the first picture is 5.6%.


AgeClub has conducted magnetic product research in the top 3 price ranges of the first level. Products below 100 yuan basically only have hot compress function, and mainly electric moxibustion; 400-500 yuan mid-range products integrate stone infrared light health concept in addition to hot compress massage function. Increase the selling point through additional functions; high-end products above 900 yuan are further optimized in terms of experience, and the user experience of temperature rise is controlled through the built-in, carbon fiber intelligent control.


(1) Representative products below 100 yuan: Antarctic coarse salt hot compress knee pads


Knee pads mainly use hot compresses to remove dampness, and there are ingredient pockets on the knees that can remove algae, moxa and salt bags.


According to the introduction, the main material of the moxa bag is 3 years old wormwood with known Chinese herbal medicines, including wormwood, cloves, fennel, glutinous grass, motherwort, red and so on. When the knee pad is heated, moxibustion without fire and smoke is realized. The beneficial ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine can penetrate into the joints to relieve pain and discomfort.


The OEM product of Sputnik Planet has repeatedly experienced quality problems, but the price of the wristband of this model is 88 yuan, and the monthly sales volume in foreign Taobao stores has reached 1000+. Old brands have shown quite a lot, which is obvious in low-end products.


(2) 400-500 representative product: He Haoming belief in Yuanyi basic model


Developed with easy-to-hot compress knee pads, this massager adds a massage function, and can also supplement health concepts such as red light and magnets to play “combined punches”, adding new selling points to the product.


Based on the basic model of He Haoming’s baby equipment, in addition to the hot compress massage function, 19 far-infrared lights and 19 energy magnets are additionally built-in.


The infrared lamp changes the “treatment only, no gathering” mode of a massager, which can be combined with the spectrum, dynamic heat and infrared detection, and can be locked firmly; while the energy magnet is added with the function of magnetic therapy and health care. The groups who believe in Chinese medicine have great magnetism.


(3) 900-1000 yuan has products: He Haoming Religious Instrument Tmall Genie/Science Fei Knee Massager


In terms of high-end products, manufacturers have chosen different upgrade directions. Some manufacturers choose to increase the function, the operation is difficult for the elderly; manufacturers with materials choose to upgrade, improve the technology, and further reduce the comfort of counterfeiting.


The biggest highlight of He Haoming’s sunglasses movie is the Tmall Elf, who can provide entertainment services such as music, opera, news and information for the elderly while relaxing with massage.


In addition to the entertainment function, the built-in Tmall Elf’s love can realize intelligent voice control, and the voice mode can be adjusted and flexible through the voice commands of the elderly. The elderly misuse when using traditional production.


The massage material of Copfel Knee Massager is heated by carbon fiber, and the temperature can be adjusted in middle or third gears, which can be selected according to the weather, and the high joints can be cold; the massage is upgraded to 4D comprehensive massage, and the built-in motor high-frequency gently simulates real hands Kneading gives users a more realistic and comfortable experience.


The average price of the newly-married elderly joint massager was 999 yuan, and the monthly sales reached 787 and 495 respectively. The price dropped to 799 yuan for the child at the time of promotion.


You can experience the characteristics of the products in the three price ranges. Experience high, feature-rich, low, medium and high-end knee massagers all occupy a seat in the market, which shows the friction demand of the group for massage products.


With the addition of knee massage devices, the soul can see the number of extremely massage devices used for shoulder joints and elbow joints, and the sales are also low; the knee joint nerve problems are very painful, and the manufacturer’s product research is also focusing on the focus.

The future’s solutions

Industry trends: Nestlé’s new ideas for developing milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people with calcium ammonia sugar milk powder.


In this research on arthritis consumer products, AgeClub found an unexpected product in the list of registered amino sugar health products-Nestlé Yiyang amino sugar calcium milk powder.


As a middle-aged and elderly sub-brand launched by Nestlé in 2016, Yiyang has previously developed and launched a number of formula milk powders specially designed for 50+ people in China, including “Nestlé Yiyang Jianxin”, “Nestlé Yiyang Benefit Factor”, “Nestlé Yiyang Brainpower Gas Station” and other middle-aged and elderly milk powders have achieved good sales results.


The Yiyang ammonia sugar calcium milk powder is the first time that Nestlé has involved health food milk powder, which marks the focus of Yiyang’s focus on the health of middle-aged and elderly people from macro-nutrition supplementation to subdivision areas, specifically the field of joint care.


According to information from the State Administration for Market Regulation, the approval date of Yiyang Amino Sugar Calcium Milk Powder is September 19, 2019. At present, this product is not visible in the Yiyang product line on Nestlé’s official website, but at the Nutrition and Healthy Aging Conference held on October 24, 2020, Nestlé’s statement on this health food milk powder added with glucosamine has been It is “coming soon.”


In the future, once Yiyang Amino Sugar Calcium Milk Powder is on the market, we believe that the middle-aged and elderly milk powder market will usher in changes that may change the current market structure. Dairy giants such as Yili and Mengniu that have already made efforts in the middle-aged and elderly milk powder market cannot remain indifferent. The middle-aged and elderly milk powder products with serious homogeneity and lack of special products will usher in new development ideas.


At least for now, the joint care area focused on Nestlé Yiyang Amino Sugar Calcium Milk Powder will be a promising market, and the emergence of segmented products will also promote a healthier development of the middle-aged and elderly milk powder market.


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Market research: everything you need to know about joint problems in China

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