Malignant in Children – Sheba Global & Hebei 2nd Hospital

Malignant in Children – Sheba Global & Hebei 2nd Hospital

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Sheba will train hospitals in China about Neuroblastoma treatment

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We’re happy to support international collaboration programs that help critical knowledge- to be shared with other doctors around the world, that finally can help many patients to fight critical illnesses.

We first launch this activity with one of the best hospital in the world, Chaim Sheba which act as a role model for worldwide hospitals.

Along the way, as an Israeli, it’s amazing how professionals all around the world look at Sheba, such an amazing achievement for our tiny but so powerful country.

Together with our partner Mindray, we invited top experts from Sheba that will improve the quality of Chinese doctors of Neuroblastoma treatments.

Neuroblastoma starts in early forms of nerve cells found in a developing embryo or fetus. About 6% of childhood cancers are neuroblastomas. This type of cancer develops in infants and young children. It is rare in children older than 10. The tumor can start anywhere, but it usually starts in the belly (abdomen) where it is noticed as swelling. It can also cause other symptoms, like bone pain and fever.

We will share insigts after the event that will held on 12th april, 2022


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Malignant in Children – Sheba Global & Hebei 2nd Hospital

By Guy Tal

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