The revolutionary product Pylo-x on the way to the Chinese nation!

The revolutionary product Pylo-x on the way to the Chinese nation!

Reported by Sinosciences Group

We are glad to announce on our new collaboration with the company MOA – TALICS! 

Sinosciences will distribute one more special product – Pylo-x all over great China. The innovative product already sold very successfully in many countries including in Europa and America. This great news is an important annunciation for the 700 million Chinese who suffering from gastric distress.     


After years of research and constant pursuit to get it right, it was recognized by experts that PYLO-X has the right blend of ingredients that control and finally cure peptic ulcers. Developed in the last 5 years, under the expertise of a Spanish Company, HC Clover, a leading manufacturer of Soft Gel Capsules in Europe, PYLO-X is the only one of its kind soft gel Pylopass Capsule.


PYLO-X is a brand of MOA-TALICS which is designed to extract the advantages of Pylopass and benefit patients suffering from gastric distress. Its Soft Gel formula makes the process of swallowing smooth. The soft layer of the capsule melts effortlessly inside the stomach enabling rapid absorption. The vitamin-E contents that work effectively against stomach ulcers flow out with ease on the affected wounds inside the stomach helping them to heal rapidly and pushes the H.Pylori bacteria to leave the stomach through bowls.


PYLO-X’s vision is to improve the quality of life of a person infected with H.Pylori. Based on scientific data and proven tests by researchers it has been acknowledging that a combination of L-Reuteri Patented strain called Pylopass and vitamin-E proven patented in the treatment of stomach ulcers mostly caused by H.Pylori.


In such a position PYLO-X, has made some validated contributions in helping to control and diminish the infection. It doesn’t have any side effects. A natural cure is available right here. Make PYLO-X a part of your daily diet to win back your good health.


The collaboration between MOA-TALIC and Sinosciences is great hope for hundreds of millions of Chinese people that suffering from gastric distress. 


Good luck on our journey!




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The revolutionary product Pylo-x on the way to the Chinese nation!

By Guy Tal

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