Shanghai Dongfang East Hospital

Shanghai Dongfang East Hospital

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When you start creating a map of the most relevant hospitals to distribute life-changing medical devices or novel drugs, we should aim for China’s commercial capital Shanghai. 



  1. Lujiazui International Finance 
  2. Pudong World Expo Park 

Medicine and academy  

One of the most relevant features of the hospital’s innovation is its proximity to academia since it is the winning combination of research and development together, opening up many technological possibilities and scientific openness for new medical products.   

One of those hospitals that meet the criteria of seniority and innovation is Shanghai Dongfang Hospital.   

Shanghai Dongfang East Hospital operates in direct collaboration with Tongji University. This academic institution contains over 10 thousand students in the medical faculty and about 3000 lecturers with research and development departments in cardiology and oncology from development in China.  

More than 787 scientific and medical articles have been published under the joint research department of Dongfang Hospital and Tongji University.  


Strategic location  

Dongfang Hospital is located at two strategic points in Shanghai. One in the Lujiazui trading area, which includes several international banks such as HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, presents extensive commercial activity and business connections from the West.  

The southernmost central branch of the hospital is located in the World Expo Park in the new Pudong district of Shanghai.  

The hospital’s southern central branch is located at the World Expo Park in Shanghai’s new Pudong district and serves as an affiliate for some of the world’s leading medical corporations such as GE Health care, Abbot, and Siemens Healthiness.   

Hospital structure  

The total construction area for the two hospital branches includes about one hundred and sixty thousand meters built together with another ninety thousand meters, which will be added to the hospital in the two close years.  

The total number of beds in the hospital is about 2000 beds and approximately 500 beds by 2023 – These numbers classify Dongfang Hospital as a Class 3 hospital.  

The hospital employs over 2800 staff members, including doctors, specialist nurses, professors, and doctors from Tongji University who are active in the research and development departments.  

The hospital departments  

Class C standard departments include the Emergency department, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, traditional medicine, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology, anesthesia, rehabilitation, preventive medical care, and a department offering Chinese medicine treatments.  

Areas of Medical Excellence  

In addition to the standard wards that characterize Class C hospitals, Dongfang Hospital is a nationwide leader in several medical fields and procedures such as biomedical engineering, stomatology, emergency trauma, heart surgery, heart failure, vascular disease, diagnosis, and treatment of tumors and more.  

Special departments  

As part of the hospital’s advanced departments, the Pudong Development Center, specializing in stroke research, the Central Heart Institute, and the pathophysiological laboratory have also been added.  

Dongfang Hospital was built in 1920 with the vision of developing the shanghai health system.   

It serves as a port for the Chinese medical world that combines the experts and development that comes from the local Tongji University and the strategic location of Shanghai as an entry point for companies coming from the West. For companies from the Western medical industry, Dongfang Hospital serves as a critical point on the commercial map thanks to the size of the hospital combined with a wide range of wards and proximity to Western associations such as GE and Siemens Healthiness.  


So far for this hospital, in the next article, we will discuss other significant and special hospitals in China. 

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Shanghai Dongfang East Hospital

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