Global Smart Hospital Development Summit

Global Smart Hospital Development Summit

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Virtual Hospital Development

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Following our agenda for sharing knowledge for a better world, we successfully launched another interesting session with our dedicated partner Sheba medical center regarding virtual hospital development!

The event was held on 23 – 25 July and many hospitals around the world attended.

Smart – in every corner of our life almost everything becomes smarter, also the healthcare industry put much attention and in recent years also join to the trends as smart hospitals are hospitals that optimize, redesign and/or build new clinical processes, management systems, and maybe even infrastructure, all enabled by underlying digitized networking infrastructure of interconnected assets, to provide a valuable service or insight which was not possible or available earlier, to achieve better patient care, experience, and operational efficiency. Smart hospitals contain three important layers – data, insight, and access.

Sheba is a well-known hospital and ranked 10th worldwide, also an expert in smart hospitals – Sheba beyond – Israel’s first virtual hospital has been created following the advances and applications learned from using telemedicine tools and techniques to care for coronavirus patients in isolation wards. Sheba Beyond was established in January and over the last few months has successfully delivered care to patients across a range of areas.

Dr. Galia Barkai, CEO of Sheba Beyond participate in our event and shared her insights about the development of the industry, showed the existing power of being a virtual hospital during COVID-19 and how much this platform is necessary for the future.


Dr. Galia Barkai is the Director of Sheba Beyond, Israel’s first virtual hospital. She has served as director of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit as well as the head of the Telemedicine innovation hub, ARC. A consultant for pediatric infectious diseases, she completed her training in Pediatrics at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot and specialized in Infectious Diseases at the Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva.

We, together with our worldwide partners will insist to share valuable knowledge to help the industry achieve better achievements and finally help to improve our lives!


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Global Smart Hospital Development Summit

By Guy Tal

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