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Shanghai Dongfang East Hospital

When you start creating a map of the most relevant hospitals to distribute life-changing medical devices or novel drugs, we should aim for China’s commercial

Guy Tal

The Israeli pride in Great China!

Especially on the Holocaust Day, a pride of Israeli technology in the  Chinese empire. One of Sinosciences’ distribution products – RegenoGel osteoarthritis injection gel was

Guy Tal

Every crisis is an opportunity for growth

”Every crisis is an opportunity for growth” as is often said. In Chinese, the word “crisis” contains two words: “danger” and “opportunity”. The Chinese have

Guy Tal

Looking forward to the day after the corona

SinoSciences has organised professional training for hundreds of Chinese doctors, given by Israeli experts – Via ZOOM While we are under “strict” quarantine, it seems

Guy Tal


China’s Advanced Medical Center Boao Yiling Lichang announced: “The Israeli product Regenogel is unique in China and will help 150 million Chinese fight inflammation and

Guy Tal

Well done is better than well said!

SinoSciences Co., LtD makes history! On the sole basis of an Israeli authorization SinoSciences Co., LtD was able to obtain an import permit for a

Sharing is Caring

The top Chinese hospital of the last decade

By Guy Tal

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